Photo-stories (Rhythmic gymnastics)

ESG Cup II,  2022 2/2
ESG Cup 10. 4. 2022, second part.
ESG Cup II,  2022 1/2
ESG Cup 10. 4. 2022, first part.
South Moravia Cup 2022
RG South Moravia Cup 9. 4. 2022 odpoledne.
South Moravia Cup 2021
Bits from afternoon South Moravia Cup 2021...
RG Tart Cup Brno 2021 Seniors Final
Tart Cup 2021 - Seniors Final.
RG Tart Cup Brno 2021 Seniors, all around
Tart Cup 2021 - Seniors, group A and B all around.
RG Tart Cup Brno 2021 Juniors
Tart Cup 2021 - Juniors, group A, B hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon.
South Moravia Cup 2019 (autumn)
This time I was attracted towards the warm-up carpet. Luckily Mr. Rezek covered the main carpet and the whole competition in a great detail and quality as he usually does. I went more for the mood I felt there. I hope you can feel it too.
RG GP Brno 2019, Gala show
I enjoyed the gala show at Brno Grand Prix very much. Firstly because the sidelines were not so crowded and secondly because some of the gymnast chose to dance without any apparatus. It gave them freedom
RG GP Brno 2019, juniors, finals
Here are photos taken at the juniors finals of the Rhytmic gymnastics Grand Prix in Brno 2019.
RG GP Brno 2019, qualification - seniors 2/2
Here are photos from the second part of the Rhytmic gymnastics Grand Prix in Brno 2019.
RG GP Brno 2019, qualification - seniors 1/2
Rhytmic gymnastics Grand Prix in Brno  is the highest RG competition in Czech Republic.
RG Chodov Cup 2019 3/3
Chodov cup 2019 - list of links
RG Chodov Cup 2019 2/3
Was it you? Or was it her? It could be you. It was you, wasn't it? You practiced your routine so many times. You went through your warm-up, got prepared, visualized every move... Your coach said something to you and then they called your name. The music started.
RG Chodov Cup 2019 1/3
90 gymnasts from 18 clubs, 9 countries and more than a thousand photographs from which I selected several hundreds. That was Chodov Cup 2019.  Can these numbers describe it? No, not at all. Can a mere photograph describe commitment, endurance, balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and above all beauty? No, not at all. Nevertheless
South Moravia Cup 2019 2/2
Photography is mainly about light. It’s not just light intensity but many other light qualities that we – photographers – care for. The greeting: ‘Good light’ that photographers (at least here in Czech) use to wish each other well instead of “Good day”, is a proof of how important light is to us.The venue was a darkened hall lit with an artificial and boring top light. Yet there was an awesome
South Moravia Cup 2019 1/2
The South Moravia Cup 2019 was my very first direct - or should I say first-camera ;) - experience in Rhythmic gymnastics photography. I was a bit anxious at first but the feeling soon evolved into a dream like one. It was like standing on the gymnastic carpet, a bit tense at the beginning and then entering a different state of mind, a different universe with the first steps once the music started.