RG Chodov Cup 2019 3/3

It was a friendly international competition that proved to be quite photogenic. There are already two posts here:

1) an overview: RG Chodov Cup 2019 1/3   (58 photos) 2 ) and a special photo-gallery: RG Chodov Cup 2019 2/3  (36 photos)

This is my favourite photo-gallery from the whole competition.

After a discussion with a dear friend I’d like to clarify my main intention with the bluish and dreamy photos. Some say that these photographs are not photographically consistent with the rest of the set and they are completely right. But the sequence isn't about esthetically pleasing style consistency. It is about life. Life isn't always consistent, I dare say. This photo-gallery isn't just about jumps and pointed feet. It is about gymnasts and moments of their lives. Different gymnasts. Same story. Repeating with slight variations again and again. I have the impression that feeling-wise there is a stark contrast between the warm-up and the competition area. The transition I find most interesting. As you may noticed, gymnasts are usually quite focused and I wanted to emphasize how their surroundings become 'blurry' when they performing their routine.

There are other matters too but I don't want to go into lengthy explanation of the photos. See for yourself and let the work touch your inner soul.

The bluish/dreamy photos were shot through the translucent Chiffon dividing the warm-up and competition area. So the effect is authentic in a way (not something done in post-processing). btw Although I’m rather tall I had to be on demi-pointe to reach over the dividing screens. : )

And there are many more photos on Facebook: 3) Chodov Cup 2019 - Hopes - part (17 photos) 4) Chodov Cup 2019 - Prejuniors (115 photos)
5) Chodov Cup 2019 - Juniors: warm-up + rope + ball (143 photos) 6) Chodov Cup 2019 - Juniors, ribbon (114 photos) 7) Chodov Cup 2019 - Seniors, hoop + ball (136 photos) 8) Chodov Cup 2019 - seniors, clubs (41 photos) 9) Chodov Cup 2019 - Miss Chodov Cup (28 photos)



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