A bit of walking
Barborka Ch.
At the Podhostynsky pohar I had the privilege to shoot with fabulous Ms Barbora Chmelarova.
It was nice to shoot with Anet again after such a long time.
Morning Sukiennice
Early morning Sukiennice.
Zuzanna by brick and stone wall...
An invitation
An invitation
A confectionery shop...
Five glances
5 photographs, 5 reasons, 5 words, 5 glances and 5 wishes.
Lucie  on a bridge
Study of Lucie L. on a bridge. Many thanks to her.
Dreaming in a park
Dreaming in a summer park can be like...
Rynek Glowny, Krakow
Inspired by the history and architecture
Jeanne d'Arc
I am not afraid; I was born to do this.
Natalia and Simon I
Natalia and Simon. We have been discussing a photo-session with Natalia for a very long time. Fortunately, we were able to meet this summer in Krakow. And on top of that...
Ballerina, wooden bench and a stone ball
One early summer morning impro in Krakow.
Stars Bystrice
Každá z těch slečen je jedinečnou osobností a zasloužila si jedinečný charakter fotografie
Bohunky Bohunovice. Uniquely wonderful. The second majorette photo-shoot this year.
Dejna Kyjov
It was a nice afternoon with Dejna Kyjov at their camp in Osvetimany. : )
Danceversity - like an almond
Many thanks to Danceversity Hustopece for inviting me. I think it all went very well although we changed
Best of luck to WCOPA competitors
It was such a delight to shoot two of WCOPA 2019 competitors and meeting an old time friend on top of that.
In the smallest of the details
You may be in love if you see the whole