Angelic fairy

As I close my eyes and envision the angelic fairy with auburn hair, I can see her dancing with effortless grace and fluidity. Her hair cascades down her back, softly in the breeze.

Her movements are so swift and elegant that they almost blur together, creating a mesmerizing display of motion. I am captivated by her every turn and twist, lost in the beauty of her dance.

As she moves, her energy fills the air, and I am enveloped in her aura of magic and wonder. I am unable to take my eyes off her as she dances, each movement more graceful and captivating than the last.

In this moment, there is nothing else that exists but the fairy and her dance. She is a vision of beauty and grace, and I am honored to be able to witness it. As the fairy continues to move and twirl, I am filled with a sense of peace and calm. Her dance is like a balm for my soul, soothing away any concerns and worries.

Model: e l l a @ella.rihoskova
MUAH: Lozan Ghouthim @makeupby_lozan
Styling: e l l a &

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