Photo-stories (Other)

Natalie Ch. (2)
Mood with Natalia. Balancebeam. Zizkov.
Natalie Ch. (1)
In sports and in life, without balance, you will fall.
ProART Festival Olomouc 2022, acting
Od herecké improvizace k divadelnímu textu, vedli: Ondřej Král a Hanny Firla, IMPRA
Pointe shoe
Pointe shoe. A short sequence.
OTEVRI sve fotce OCI
Světlo, barvy, malíři, kritici, názory, naše fotky, cizí díla, uznávaní i vysmívaní umělci, cihličky našich možností, příklady, diskuse a focení. Díky všem účastníkům, bez vás by ta atmosféra nebyla taková!
Valtice 2019 - full rehearsal
The full rehearsal of ProART Festival student's gala was held in the baroque theatre in Valtice palace. It was relaxed, full of dance, pleasant emotions, beautiful vocal colours and some interesting dynamic changes and contrasts.During my dance-photo workshop I guided the participants to try some new approaches...
In the smallest of the details
You may be in love if you see the whole
It was a lovely summer afternoon in early August. She sat in a window with a glass of rosé sparkling wine and enjoyed the sunshine. Groups of people
When you have eyes to see
Almost nothing need to be said or explained when you have eyes to see...
ProART Festival Valtice 2018
ProART Festival is an unique festival connecting different arts and consisting of both workshops and performances. Workshops are usually held in disciplines such as: dance, acting, singing, photography, music, drawing and creative writing and are open to anyone from general public to professionals.To me it’s the openness, almost one to one approach and varying level of proficiency as well as different ages of participants (ranging from artists as young as 13 or 14 to as seasoned as 70) that help create the attractive and pleasant atmosphere and the unique interactions.ProART Festival in Brno offers most workshop and greater variety but Valtice has something else ...
Just a moment
Sometimes all it takes is just a moment. When a heart stops it takes only a moment to become unconscious. And sometimes it takes only a moment, ...
Water on Fire
Boiling water and flames burning brightly. Water on Fire. At times...
The Maple Country - II
Dancing on a whale's head.
The Maple Country  - I
It took us some time to find the perfect spot for these forest photos but we eventually succeeded. It was quite close to Third Beach...
Building the new web
Stereo photography
I have been experimenting with dance stereo (or 3D if you like) photography for several years now. Although it has never been my primary goal I have always enjoyed creating these photos. Now with Podhostynsky pohar 2019 commencing in a few weeks time...
Veronika K.
It was a short stop on my way to a big photo-shoot...