Photo-stories (Fashion)

A bit of walking
Monument v muzeu, SŠDAM
V prostějovském muzeu bylo možno shlédnout krátkou módní přehlídku maturitních prací studentů 4.BO SŠDAM
Prostejovske leto 2021 – LEITNER fashion show
It was a great show with some great designs and models. Many thanks to Ms Yvona Leitner - an influential female fashion designer - for inviting me. A 100 years anniversary happens only once in a century :D and therefore...
These things happen
These things happen. I was cooking when I received a desperate message from a friend who was looking for a photographer because the arranged one wouldn’t be able to make it on time.If I say I had only moments to grab things I might need and to find the location on map while I was gobbling my seafood lunch it would be an overestimation.
Zlatá jehla 2018
The way we dress revels who we are... so please help us reveal ourselves in the best possible way...
Doteky módy 2018
I was touched by Fashion in a way. And it was a gentle and beautiful touch.I don’t mind it was only a fugitive moment because I was lucky enough that...
Prostejovska zlata jehla 2017
Prostejovska zlata jehla 2017 – you can see a very narrow selection of the fashion show here and the whole collections on my Facebook page
Prostejovska zlata jehla 2016
Prostejovska zlata jehla 2016 and some of the photos from the competition.
Prostejovska Zlata Jehla 2015
ART ECON’s Prostejovska zlata jehla 2015