ProART Festival Valtice 2018

ProART Festival is an unique festival connecting different arts and consisting of both workshops and performances. Workshops are usually held in disciplines such as: dance, acting, singing, photography, music, drawing and creative writing and are open to anyone from general public to professionals. To me it’s the openness, almost one to one approach and varying level of proficiency as well as different ages of participants (ranging from artists as young as 13 or 14 to as seasoned as 70) that help create the attractive and pleasant atmosphere and the unique interactions. ProART Festival in Brno offers more workshops and greater variety but ProART festival leg in Valtice has something else and it’s not just the magical UNESCO World Heritage  area with Chateau Valtice and its baroque theatre being the festival main venue. Perhaps it’s the limited and rather small number of participants there, the family like feel to it that I enjoy so much. This was my third year at Valtice and I hope it was not the last. Come and join us there next year. :) Many thanks to Martin Dvorak (director of the festival) for inviting me.  

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