Photo-stories (Folklore)

Za čěskimi horami
Lusations or Sorbs live not far away from Czech border. They maintained their...
Naša dědina / Our village
Naša dědina / Our village. From carnival through Easter to feast at Strážnice International Folklore Festival.
A world swirls around the dancers at Festival in Skoronice
Traditional festivals are quite common in Slovacko region and I had the opportunity to witness one in Skoronice last weekend. The singing, dancing and procession commenced in the late afternoon and unfortunately it’s getting dark quite early these days. Despite that I managed to capture what I wanted: A WORLD SPINNING AROUND THE DANCERS.
Tluču, tluču otevřete...
I had the rare opportunity to shoot Miss Zuzana Puckova while she was getting dressed for a local folklore festival in Skoronice. I’m sorry but this time I have to, I want to write about it in Czech not English.
Bzenecké krojované vinobraní 2018
This photographic gallery is about faces. It is about our faces as well as it is about faces of our ancestors – about faces we cannot recall in exact details anymore and about faces we could never seen. They wore these or similar costumes and did similar things as we do. They worked, they danced, they hold their hands and they fell in love.
It is kind of a tradition to me
Although I often mention majorettes, it was actually a Swedish folk-dance group who were the very first dancers in front of my camera. So it is a kind of a tradition to me to...