Czech National Championship in Artistic Swimming, Brno, 2019, 2/2

I started with a  “dry land drill” but there was not much time for that as the competition commenced quite early on Sunday.
Although I am not new to synchro I was quite amazed by some beautiful moves and very dynamic changes that were performed at the nationals. It was to be expected with the experienced swimmers like Alzbetka Dufkova and others but some of the less experienced swimmers from the age group category were pretty good too.
It was a bit sad that some of my friends couldn’t be there but that is life, I suppose.
The combos at the end of the competitions  were a bit stressful for me as I had other commitment on that day. Luckily the competition ran smoothly and without delays.

Congratulations to all participants and many thanks to Synchro Tesla and all the organizers!

Photos from day 1 can be found here and a wider selection on my Facebook page


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