Czech Championship in Synchronized Swimming, Brno, 2017

A picture is worth a thousand words,

so look for yourself how synchronized swimmers amazed me at Czech national Championship in Synchronized Swimming for age groups 13,14,15 and seniors in Brno, on 22 and 23 of April 2017.

Although I was an authorized photographer, I wasn’t obliged to take a full photographic reportage at the competition. They had another photographer there to cover it all for the federation so I came there more or less privately just to take a few pictures of “my home team” and possibly couple of others. I even stayed in the spectators area all the time but nevertheless it was impossible to stay laid back. In the end I took and pre-selected well over one thousand photographs… a prove of talent, skill and beauty.

Synchronized swimming is well worth a thousand photographs.

I want to find more time to process them all but for now I quickly narrowed the first selection to a manageable number of photos. You can find some of them bellow and many more on my Facebook page here and here.

Many thanks to Mrs. Marta Drochytkova and all the organizers and participants.

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