European Junior Championships in Artistic Swimming, Prague, 2019

Yes, Artistic Swimming is definitively one of the most beautiful and demanding sports. Although I generally don’t enjoy sports photography as such I quite like to synchronize myself with artistic swimming.

This time I could spent only a couple of short days at European Junior Championships in Artistic Swimming that were held in Prague at Podolí swiming pool. Nevertheless I managed to capture quite many photos that I like. You can find just a few of the many bellow. I add some more to my Facebook page later.


I would like to say thank you to Czech Swimming Federation, LEN and especially to Jana Vidlarova. Many thanks to all the swimmers and coaches as well.

Here I would like to seize the opportunity and repeat once again: I admire all artistic swimmers. I consider artistic (synchronized) swimming to be one of the hardest and most complicated sports. It doesn’t just demand efficient swimming technique of speed swimmers, flexibility of gymnasts, endurance and strength of long distance runners, coordination and cooperation of team sports but also elegance of dancers.

So let’s dive into their artistry of beautiful water dancing!

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