These things happen

These things happen. I was cooking when I received a desperate message from a friend who looked for a photographer because the arranged one wouldn’t be able to make it on time.
If I say I had only moments to grab things I might need and to find out something basic about it (e.g. location) while I was gobbling my seafood lunch it would be an overestimation. Normally I would prepare for many hours and even days. I would discuss photographic style, I would scout the location, I would prepare a story board etc. I would spend even more time preparing for an assignment in a photographic filed I’m not familiar with.  This time I had no other option than to improvise. It was like going on stage without ever rehearsing the piece.
Well, it was not exactly like that. It was even more challenging.  When I arrived to their location 60km away from my place I found out that the location was not available for some reason so we had to find another one. Not the most favourable circumstances when time was fairly limited already.
To cut the long story short it was rather a thrilling experience mainly thanks to the fact it was not a real wedding.
There were 3 dresses and therefore I created 3 slightly different colour moods.  Apart from the dress I was also supposed to take some pictures for the MUAH and some for the florist. As I’m not a big fan of stiff posing I went for some movement within some of the photos which is what I love and do most often.
Running in high heels on a gravel path was probably not the easiest of tasks but at least we didn’t have to fake our laughter. :D In the end I delivered over 50 processed photos all together – more than I expected. Here you can see some of them.

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