Ferrum Nostrum 2/2

Each one of them is unique and special but all of them have been smelted and forged into refined soloist and team dancers. They are not statues, they don’t pose, they are alive and they move and dance. Dance is their language and if you look closely you’ll see them call: “This is me as I am. This is our region. This is our blast furnace. This is our iron. This is name of our tribe. FERRUM NOSTRUM. This is we!!!” Thank you Ms Soňa Fialová, Ms Verča Mudrová, Ms Anežka Paličková, Ms Bája Pavlíková, Ms Iva Skupníková, Ms Jana Tomaštíková and Ms Kačka Vilčková from Dance company Radost & Impuls Bohumin. This would be hardly possible without you. Especially I’d like to mention Ms Soňa Fialova and Ms Ilona Paličkova from the same company who kindly doubled as my lighting assistants. We would also like to express our gratitude to Dolni oblast Vitkovice for letting us use their premises. A personal note from me: Although ironworks are not exactly my cup of tea (or should I say iron?)  and despite the fact that the terrain was quite challenging for the dancers (and cloudy weather for me - the lighting setup) we created all this in quite short and limited time  thanks to all the people mentioned above. You were great! It was really difficult to select just three photos from each choreography. <3 L.  

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