Zlatá jehla 2018

Art Econ’s fashion show Zlatá jehla has been an inspiration and a showcase of talent, skill and ingenuity of young fashion designers both local and foreign for many years.
I’ve been to nine Zlata jehla shows so far  and I’ve seen some innovative and great designs, some entertaining choreographies and some very good models over those years. I hope that attractivity of this vocation  will remain high because we need some fresh ideas in all aspects of our lives. The way we dress revels who we are... so please help us reveal ourselves in the best possible way, please help define us.
This year I will not overwhelm you with photos of every design as I did in the past. I’m sharing  just a very few here.
As there were presented some older designs at the end of the show I took the liberty to attach three photos from the past shows.
Thank you Ms R. Kubova for inviting me.

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