It was a great fashion show with some great designs and models. Many thanks to Ms Yvona Leitner - an influential female fashion designer and a teacher and organizer - for inviting me. It was a treat! I’m sorry I didn’t take a proper camera with me.

A 100 years anniversary happens only once in a century :D and therefore I couldn’t resist and took my old mobile-phone out and took a few pictures even though I had not intended to do so. I must admit that It was rather difficult because I was not very proficient in mobile-phone photography :D

Although there were many photographers including professionals and students they all seemed very busy running around and shooting a reportage. I have nothing against that except that I would like to see more fashion photos afterwards. I think such fashion shows deserve it. Perhaps I wasn’t just lucky enough to find the right photo galleries.

At the show, the whole park was rather crowded but I instinctively chose and quite easily managed to secure a very good and comfortable spot with no other photographer near me – which I think was a pity. There was a nice long stretch mimicking a proper runway in front of me with a turn and a shorter stretch on my left hand side. On top of that I had a partial view of the stairs and the stage. Unfortunately the stage was too distant for a wide mobile-phone lens. There were many possible angles and the crowd wasn't very dense there - quite the opposite. If some of the DSLR photographers with telephoto lenses had been there they would have had quite different images to those shot from a side or the inner grass island.

Nevertheless it wasn’t about photos it was about fashion and in this regard it was a remarkable and a festive occasion. SSDAM 100!

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