R&I in K3, 2018

It is always great pleasure to work with R&I Dance company. This year the first idea was to use K3’s stage and shoot towards the black cyclorama. It’s basically a black velvet in front of a cinema screen as K3 is a cinema with a deep stage, not a theatre. I felt it would be much better to shoot towards the auditorium, towards witch they entrust their annual performances year after year. I thought important to more or less reveal the venue not to conceal it in an anonymous completely black background. I wanted to show them inside the familiar space but from their usual viewpoint - towards the auditorium. They wasn’t sure about the idea at first, but they let me do it as I suggested. I really appreciate that and I still believe it was the right decision even though we had to see out all the people from the auditorium who thought they would watch us. :D It was a fast paced photo-shoot. We managed to take photos of 16 groups (practically all of them in several different poses, jumps etc.) in just 3,5 hours of active shooting. That time also included lights relocation and other changes to the lights (I mean strobes). It wouldn't be possible without their professionalism and experience and without me almost grand-jeteing around (I learnt it from them) :D Many thanks to all the dancers and especially to Lenka Krcova (artistic director) for inviting me to work with them again.  

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