Playing with fire

What an afternoon with Peter, Adelaide and lots of powder! I had refused such photo-shoots several times in the past, but I agreed this time. Since we couldn’t use the location I had intended, we went for plan B: a small stage in a club between opening hours. Although it was a great venue, it wasn’t exactly suitable for such a messy photo-shoot. I must admit, I didn’t feel very comfortable seeing the fine powder being thrown in the air in such a polished club with lots of tables, chairs and other surfaces on which the finest dust could, and eventually and inevitably would land. ”Will one hour be enough to clean it all up?” I asked myself. Apart from this slight concern it was a joy working with Peter and Adelaide and I wished we had more time. In the end we not only created the pictures we wanted, but we also managed to return the venue to its pristine condition. You can see some of the photos bellow. By the way if you want to be sure you have thoroughly cleaned a room, it is a good idea to throw powder all over the place first.  

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