International Ballet Masterclasses in Prague 2017 – 5/5

International Ballet Masterclasses in Prague – Pas de Deux - it is always such a pleasure in many ways ranging from witnessing elegance and talent to meeting old friends. Many thanks to Daria Klimentova for inviting me again, and also to Cyril Pierre and Tamás Solymosi. I’m not sure about the other photographers but I wanted to push myself through the walls or mirrors more than once during PDD classes as I wanted to maintain certain distance. I couldn’t achieve that even though I tried hard. :) So I was more or less hinted to use different lenses and different angles of view than I would use otherwise. This is, I believe, part of such occasions and this is what is interesting – altering the usual way, exploring possibilities while maintaining the original objective. Rehearsing in a dance studio is hard and demanding work but I trust that all of these gifted dancers love dance, they live their dream and - through these photos - you are most welcome to join them.  
You can find photos from pre-class warm-up here. You can find photos from repertoir classes here.

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