Ondina_ Malá mořská milovaná
ONDINA_ Malá mořská milovaná - A piece gently combining dance theatre, drama and physical theatre. Ondine's not a fragile
Podhostynsky pohar 2020 3/3 - FACES
Faces and emotions of Podhostynsky pohar.
Podhostynsky pohar 2020 2/3 - ENERGY
This time I wanted to accentuate the energy, the speed of the moves and the whirl.
Podhostynsky pohar 2020 1/3 - BATON TWIRLING
I would like to say thank you to Mrs. Drahomira Kroupova and to Mrs. Jana Simcikovana for inviting me to Podhostynsky pohar for the 10th time. It was an absolutely fantastic day: Colourful, energizing and full of positive emotions.
Kouzelný příběh
3. listopadu jsem měl možnost vidět malým okýnkem na zadní straně foťáku opravdu kouzelné představení. Mnohé momenty a celá atmosféra ve mě zněla silněji, než všechna představení baletní Louskáčků profesionálních souborů, které jsem kdy viděl. Takové milé a přirozeně příjemné.
Stars Bystrice
Každá z těch slečen je jedinečnou osobností a zasloužila si jedinečný charakter fotografie
International Ballet Masteclasses in Prague 2019 4/4
How to spent an early afternoon at International Ballet Masterclasses in Prague? It was a difficult decision.
South Moravia Cup 2019 (autumn)
This time I was attracted towards the warm-up carpet. Luckily Mr. Rezek covered the main carpet and the whole competition in a great detail and quality as he usually does. I went more for the mood I felt there. I hope you can feel it too.
International Ballet Masteclasses in Prague 2019 3/4
Natasa Novotna! <3
Bohunky Bohunovice. Uniquely wonderful. The second majorette photo-shoot this year.
It was a great show with some great designs and models. Many thanks to Ms Yvona Leitner - an influential female fashion designer - for inviting me. A 100 years anniversary happens only once in a century :D and therefore...
International Ballet Masteclasses in Prague 2019 2/4
In this photo-gallery are images that were taken during morning class and solo classes led by Paris Opera Ballet étoile Isabelle Ciaravola and Royal Opera House principal dancer Vadim Muntagirov.
Dejna Kyjov
It was a nice afternoon with Dejna Kyjov at their camp in Osvetimany. : )
International Ballet Masteclasses in Prague 2019 1/4
Once again I had the rare opportunity to witness and shoot at Daria Klimentova's ballet masterclasses. I'm always astonished how it is possible to create such highly professional yet family-like atmosphere.
ProART Festival Valtice 2019 - Gala
ProART Festival's last evening  is usually dedicated to student’s Gala Show and Valtice was no exception in this regard.
Valtice Palace - Études
Études in the palace courtyard and the park are traditionally part of the ProART Festival in Valtice. The difficult surface is a challenge for the dancers but the open-air performance is an uplifting experience...
Valtice 2019 - full rehearsal
The full rehearsal of ProART Festival student's gala was held in the baroque theatre in Valtice palace. It was relaxed, full of dance, pleasant emotions, beautiful vocal colours and some interesting dynamic changes and contrasts.During my dance-photo workshop I guided the participants to try some new approaches...
Dancing in Spanish stable
ProART Festival in Valtice is comparatively smaller than its bigger sibling that is held in Brno but it has its unique and almost family like atmosphere. ...and yes, the venues of Valtice Palace are magnificent.I didn’t have much time for shooting as I led a workshop on dance photography. Nevertheless I took...
RG GP Brno 2019, Gala show
I enjoyed the gala show at Brno Grand Prix very much. Firstly because the sidelines were not so crowded and secondly because some of the gymnast chose to dance without any apparatus. It gave them freedom
European Junior Championships in Artistic Swimming, Prague, 2019
Yes, Artistic Swimming is definitively one of the most beautiful and demanding sports. Although I generally don’t enjoy sports photography as such I quite like to synchronize myself with artistic swimming.This time I could spent only a couple of short days at European Junior Championships in Artistic Swimming that were held in Prague. Nevertheless I

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