35th Anniversary of R&I dance company

Radost & Impuls Dance Company celebrated their thirty-fifth anniversary with a nicely composed evening of dance and theatrical performances. I am always amazed by the creativity of the choreographers and by the talent of the young dancers. The show was held in a local cinema they had converted into a theatre for the day. You can probably imagine all the difficulties they had to overcome in such a venue with a small stage and  no proper wings. They had to perform without some of the bigger props, scenery and they even had to change some of the choreographies. To cut the story short, the house was sold out and it was a success. Below are some of more than 340 photos, a glimpse of their performances. I intentionally omitted some of the performances in this shorter selection so I could share more photos of some other performances while keeping this photo-gallery reasonably short. Thank you Lenka Krcova and thank you Radost & Impuls. I dedicate the photos to the late  Petra Kolibacova. <3  

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