International Ballet Masterclasses in Prague 2015

0110_klp58925In my point of view, the International Ballet Masterclasses in Prague represent dedication, beautiful elegance and immense talent that is impossible to convey…

It felt like a dream, like spinning and floating somewhere high above the ground, somewhere in the clouds. Many times I even forgot to shoot and just watched with mouth half open in amazement.

All the watching and admiring allowed me to draw inspiration from the artists and the general atmosphere and so I chose rather a challenging photographic approach.
It wasn’t always comfortable and easy to accomplish, but I felt that this way I could bring you something remotely similar to the actual Ballet masterclasses experience.

Let me express gratitude to Daria Klimentova, Ian Comer and to all the others and let me share with you these photographs, these glimpses of elusive moments that have caught my eye and heart.