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International Ballet Masterclasses in Prague 2016 – Pas-de-deux. It was so inspirational and so much fun thanks to Daria Klimentova and her partners Tamas Solymosi and Vadim Muntagirov.

International ballet masterclasses in Prague 2016 – pas seul. Generally I like to shoot solos very much. Mainly because I can concentrate on a single dancer and it allows me to immerse myself into the dance even deeper.

International ballet masterclasses in Prague –  a morning class is quite an important part of a day for me as a photographer. It may sound strange but it is kind of a warm up – after a morning class I’m usually prepared to shoot almost anything ;-) It is also a good place to refine my technique in general.

It was a rare privilege to share those mornings in Prague with you all.

Many thanks to Daria Klimentova for inviting me there and for helping me with the selection.

btw: I bought a new photo-gallery plug-in so it is easily possible to download the photos now. I hope it will make things easier for you although I’ll miss your messages asking for the photos…



KLP86954Hands – holding hands – dancing – together – for the audience – yet in our inner universe.  My first close-up shot of  hands was sort of a guided accident. Dancers came very close, I tried to merge with the mirror  (unsuccessfully)  and pressed the button more or less accidentally or maybe partly in an effectless attempt to startle them away while I was still looking through the viewfinder and composing.

I was going to delete the photo without even looking at it but luckily I checked it. It seemed very interesting to me so I tried to take few more photos of unposed hands captured during pas-de-deux. As you can imagine it was quite challenging and in the end none of these shots had the power of the first one, which I think, is one of my best shots.

I like their hands, their fingers, the firm yet gentle touch,  the way she looked at him and the hint of her smile. I also like the people in the back who create the outer and slightly disorganized universe to which the dancers in the front are indiferent.
It reminds me of a quite famous photo of a bride showing just part of her torso in the bridal dress, her hand, her neck and smiling lips, eliminating everything else.

So hold each other’s hand and enjoy.


It is incredible that it is possible to restage and squeeze the whole Swan Lake into just 45 minutes and perform it decently not only on a really small open stage but also with other challenging factors in the way. Well done Jiří Pokorný and DJKT ballet.
Many thanks to Mr. M. Fara.
International Ballet Masterclasses in Prague – part 4 .  I know, I know, I skipped part 2 and part 3 and I did it on purpose. Part 2 and part 3 will be pics from the morning classes and the solos respectively.  These two and the PDD are the core of my photographic work at this year’s Masterclasses and therefore we need more time for approving the final selection.

BTW As it is not easy to download the photos in high resolution, please feel free to write me.

International Ballet Masterclasses in Prague always feel like a dream, like spinning and floating somewhere high above the ground, somewhere in the clouds. It was a joy and privilege to take photographs there with the immensely talented artists around.

It was like dancing. Many thanks to Daria Klimentova for inviting me and to all of you for “dancing” with me.

I am looking forward to hearing from you or meeting you somewhere before too long. And maybe see you next year in Prague.

BTW As it is not easy to download the photos in high resolution, please feel free to write me.

This restaged Romeo and Juliet fitted not only into 45 minutes but also into one of my evenings in Prague. Well done Jiří Pokorný and DJKT ballet.
Many thanks to Mr. M. Fara with whom I share admiration and aesthetic passion for ballet. These photographs wouldn’t exists without him.
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web-2016-07-old-lookHaving said that, I hope that this one will be easier for you to navigate through and that it will be easy to browse using mobile devices.

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