Polak - kaloP dance photography

What an afternoon with Peter, Adelaide and lots of powder! I had refused such photo-shoots several times in the past, but I agreed this time.

I quite enjoyed the afternoon shoot with Veronika Klimesova a former principal dancer to Akcent Ostrava and MUA Nikol Kastylova in and old gymnasium.
We did two looks and I want to share with you two couples of photos from two sub-sets from the second look.

We had a lot of fun during a quick paced photo-shoot with Radost & Impuls dance company last Sunday.

It was a great pleasure to shoot with Miss Bara Nekudova, who is a great singer, by the way. We used an optical doublet lens with a manual focus which proved a bit challenging at times. Nevertheless I think it conveys reality better than a modern, sharp lens.


Slightly rippled water surface …strong deep water currents. Things are not always as they appear.

Kristina Kodedova, Gaetan Pires and I didn’t have much time during our photo-shoot so we concentrated on the audition photos but we also managed to capture some duets and some more creative photos as well.

Nowadays I work mainly in the field of dance photography but portraits have been my passion long before that.

Even when I shoot dance I am tempted to take some portraits like the ones with Daria, Eliška, Anička, Katka, Miriam and others at the end of the photo gallery below.

International Ballet Masterclasses in Prague 2016 – Pas-de-deux. It was so inspirational and so much fun thanks to Daria Klimentova and her partners Tamas Solymosi and Vadim Muntagirov.

International ballet masterclasses in Prague 2016 – pas seul. Generally I like to shoot solos very much. Mainly because I can concentrate on a single dancer and it allows me to immerse myself into the dance even deeper.