Polak - kaloP dance photography

It is always great pleasure to work with R&I Dance company. The first idea was to use K3’s stage and shoot towards the black cyclorama. It’s basically a black velvet in front of a cinema screen as K3 is a cinema with a deep stage, not a theatre.
I felt it would be much better to shoot towards the auditorium, towards witch they…

Dancing on a whale’s head.

It took us some time to find the perfect spot for these forest photos but we eventually succeeded. It was quite close to Third Beach…

What an afternoon with Peter, Adelaide and lots of powder! I had refused such photo-shoots several times in the past, but I agreed this time.

I quite enjoyed the afternoon shoot with Veronika Klimesova a former principal dancer to Akcent Ostrava and MUA Nikol Kastylova in and old gymnasium.
We did two looks and I want to share with you two couples of photos from two sub-sets from the second look.

We had a lot of fun during a quick paced photo-shoot with Radost & Impuls dance company last Sunday.

It was a great pleasure to shoot with Miss Bara Nekudova, who is a great singer, by the way. We used an optical doublet lens with a manual focus which proved a bit challenging at times. Nevertheless I think it conveys reality better than a modern, sharp lens.


Slightly rippled water surface …strong deep water currents. Things are not always as they appear.

Kristina Kodedova, Gaetan Pires and I didn’t have much time during our photo-shoot so we concentrated on the audition photos but we also managed to capture some duets and some more creative photos as well.