Polak - kaloP dance photography

It was a pleasure to shoot TANEC TANEC – district scenic dance exhibition in Prostejov.

I admire them. I consider synchronized swimming to be one of the hardest, most complicated sports. It doesn’t just demand efficient swimming technique of speed swimmers, flexibility of gymnasts, endurance and strength of long distance runners, coordination and cooperation of team sports but also elegance of dancers.

It was a great pleasure watching and listening to Body Electric show performed by Body Work Performing Arts, Cambridge. Below is a narrow selection from Act 2.

Many thanks to Theresa Kerr and Body Work for inviting me, Rog Palmer for his help and kind generosity, Leigh Mulpeter for great lighting (photography is about light) and to all the performers for such experience. I enjoyed it very much and I hope I’ll see you in the future.

I generally quite like the poetry that can be found in most dance perofmaces of “ZUŠ” (primary art schools) and a ZUŠ I. Krejciho Olomouc is no exception in this regard.

Radost & Impuls Dance Company celebrated their thirty-fifth anniversary with a nicely composed evening of dance and theatrical performances. I am always amazed by the creativity of the choreographers and by the talent of the young dancers.

Each and every synchronized swimmer is a star in their own right and I crafted the photos bellow as a tribute and a gift to all of them.

An aquatic ballet – synchronized swimming – is about endurance, flexibility, strength, lot of determination and so on, but it is, in my point of view, also about movement, its direction and above all about SPACE.

An aquatic ballet – synchronized swimming – is elegant, beautiful and very demanding. It is probably one of the hardest sports in the world.