Polak - kaloP dance photography

It was so refreshing to be part of this year’s ProART Festival in Chateau Valtice. In this gallery you can find photos – “reflections of its kind” of the Dance workshop lead by Martin Dvorak and Eran Gisin, Acting workshop lead by Veronika Žilková and singing workshop lead by Radka Fišarová plus some photos from the OpenAir performances.

It was a great pleasure watching and listening to Body Electric show performed by Body Work Performing Arts, Cambridge. Below is a narrow selection from Act 2.

Many thanks to Theresa Kerr and Body Work for inviting me, Rog Palmer for his help and kind generosity, Leigh Mulpeter for great lighting (photography is about light) and to all the performers for such experience. I enjoyed it very much and I hope I’ll see you in the future.

I generally quite like the poetry that can be found in most dance perofmaces of “ZUŠ” (primary art schools) and a ZUŠ I. Krejciho Olomouc is no exception in this regard.

Prostejovska zlata jehla 2017 – you can see a very narrow selection of the fashion show here and the whole collections on my Facebook page

Air and water – two of the classical elements that are so essential for synchronized swimming.

A selection from Czech Open Championship in Synchronized Swimming, Olomouc, 2017.
Many thanks to Linda Fleskova for inviting me.

What an afternoon with Peter, Adelaide and lots of powder! I had refused such photo-shoots several times in the past, but I agreed this time.

A picture is worth a thousand words,

so look for yourself how synchronized swimmers amazed me at Czech national Championship in Synchronized Swimming for age groups 13,14,15 and seniors in Brno, on 22 and 23 of April 2017.