Hands in pas-de-deux

KLP86954Hands – holding hands – dancing – together – for the audience – yet in our inner universe.  My first close-up shot of  hands was sort of a guided accident. Dancers came very close, I tried to merge with the mirror  (unsuccessfully)  and pressed the button more or less accidentally or maybe partly in an effectless attempt to startle them away while I was still looking through the viewfinder and composing.

I was going to delete the photo without even looking at it but luckily I checked it. It seemed very interesting to me so I tried to take few more photos of unposed hands captured during pas-de-deux. As you can imagine it was quite challenging and in the end none of these shots had the power of the first one, which I think, is one of my best shots.

I like their hands, their fingers, the firm yet gentle touch,  the way she looked at him and the hint of her smile. I also like the people in the back who create the outer and slightly disorganized universe to which the dancers in the front are indiferent.
It reminds me of a quite famous photo of a bride showing just part of her torso in the bridal dress, her hand, her neck and smiling lips, eliminating everything else.

So hold each other’s hand and enjoy.