Faces. Moods. Personalities. Portraits. Nowadays I work mainly in the field of dance photography but portraits have been my passion long before that. Even when I shoot dance I am tempted to take some portraits like the ones with Daria, Eliška, Anička, Katka, Miriam and others at the end of the photo gallery below. Now,…


Hands in pas-de-deux

Hands – holding hands – dancing – together – for the audience – yet in our inner universe.  My first close-up shot of  hands was sort of a guided accident. Dancers came very close, I tried to merge with the mirror  (unsuccessfully)  and pressed the button more or less accidentally or maybe partly in an effectless attempt to startle them away while…


Romeo and Juliet

This restaged Romeo and Juliet fitted not only into 45 minutes but also into one of my evenings in Prague. Well done Jiří Pokorný and DJKT ballet. Many thanks to Mr. M. Fara with whom I share admiration and aesthetic passion for ballet. These photographs wouldn’t exists without him.

Building the new web

So I finally decided to build a new web site.  Now we have to migrate some of the old photos and articles here. We’ll be moving only some of if as there are more than 500 pages and more than 10 000 photographs in the original www pages. I am quite excited with this WP technology but I am a…